Optimal for bulky products, completely adaptable to the individual size and shape of the good. 


Its flexible dimensions guarantee fast and safe loading and transportation. Manufactured in: OSB, plywood and/or fiber board. 


High load capacity bracket made of multiple materials supported by our extensive experience. Suitable for SKD (Semi Knock Down) deliveries. 

High load resistance

Customized solutions for heavy loads of large scope in wood, OSB and/or plywood. Oriented to railway and capital goods industries.

Closed wooden boxes

Appropriate format for intermediate loads. 

Self-assembly boxes

Produced in plywood and OSB, effective for returnable air transportation. Due to its 80% folding, it contributes to the saving of space and storage.

Wooden fences

Effective for transformation of standard pallets into closed boxes. Due to its folding, it contributes to the saving of space and storage.

Dangerous cargo

Designed to provide the highest level of safety and protection during the multimodal transport of dangerous goods. 

Special pallets

Adapted to unusual dimensions providing high load resistance.


Solutions that require knowledge and design combination.

Fitting for CKD (Complete Knock Down), MKD (Medium Knock Down) and SKD (Semi Knock Down) deliveries.


Conditioned to electric vehicle battery, guaranteeing maximum protection and at the same time, cutting return, maintenance and cleaning costs.


Adapted to specific requirements and dimensions. Easy loading thanks to the fittings converted to the product.


Fitting for specific requirements and dimensions. High resistance with overlapping heights.